Masonry Concepts Australia was formed so that innovative ideas could be applied to the masonry industry.

The lack of quick and easy solutions to assist in design and construction of masonry projects with particular themes in mind has become evident, as we see many attempts being made to change the format of modern day brick and blockwork.


One of the many tried and tested methods of design is traditional brickwork of last century and beyond, this as a means of design is a time consuming method, today building for instance in a Heritage theme we call upon the skills of people which have long been lost in the masonry field and when and if we find these wonderful craftsmen we often find the cost of recreating those great effects quite expensive.


Masonry Concepts Australia are pleased to introduce a vast array of products which will deliver to the building industry quick cost effective ideas that will recreate that special look.


To take advantage of our products we suggest that you make an appointment with us in your initial planning and design stages so that we can assist you in achieving the best possible outcome for your project.


We have people that can assist in both design and application of our products and if needed custom made solutions to integrate with your needs.


Best of all Masonry Concepts Australia has designed products that are actually built into the structure and all of our products where necessary have been structurally supervised by our Engineer.